A Royal night out with Diane Hume-Green


The Tauranga branch of Soroptomist International held a fundraiser at Rialto Cinemas to support local charities. The movie, A Royal Night Out, proved to be a popular choice.

After a great morning tea, the sounds of Glenn Miller’s band playing ‘In the Mood’ got everyone in the mood. The black and white newsreel footage of VE celebrations in London, including excerpts of Churchill’s famous announcement of the end of the war, brought back memories for many of the older members of the audience.

Sarah Gabon as Princess Elizabeth, was delightful, and had her calm conscientious manner down pat. A slightly larger than life version of Princess Margaret was played by Bel Powley. The movie is a fictional version of a real life event as the two princesses celebrated VE day by attending the celebrations on the evening along with thousands of other people in London. Jack Reynor plays Jack, an airman who is AWOL. He is a man of few words but conveys his dislike of the English aristocracy and rules in different ways. He stumbles into helping Princess Elizabeth look for Princess Margaret somewhere in London. The sisters had given the two hapless Captains who were supposed to be their chaperones the slip and they become separated. The movie follows both their escapades until they are reunited and eventually return to Buckingham Palace. It is a charming movie with enough crazy characters, a touch of romance, naievity and comedy to keep you entertained.

Diane Hume-Green. Diane is a regular contributor to ARTbop through her column Scene About Town. Totally Tauranga and a member of a well-known and longstanding musical and business family Diane has a spectrum of cultural interests land a wide variety of community and cultural involvements.


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