A stitch in time – Matamata quilting show


Matamata Patchwork and Quilters group held their bi-annual show, ‘A Stitch in Time’, at the Memorial Centre in Matamata. Excellent signage directed people to the centre from the main road and some shops had small wall hangings in their shop windows to publicise the event.

The large foyer of the Memorial Centre has a large raised area with plaques honouring soldiers in world wars. In front of the plaques and centre brass panel there is an everlasting flame in a globe on top of a long spout brass lamp.

It was apt to have the theme ‘A Stitch in Time’ display in front of these plaques showing the history of quilting and patchwork through the ages. Display pieces ranged from a hand pieced hexagon quilt made using paper templates, crazy patchwork made of velvets and embellished with hand embroidery, a hand appliqued bed cover and some examples of the modern Art style using new techniques, threads and fabrics. A table in the foyer held photo albums of previous exhibitions and many of the projects members of the Club had been involved in.

The friendly members of the Matamata Patchwork and Quilting group were on hand to answer questions and show people around the exhibition. On show were 121 wall hangings, 97 bed quilts and 61 novelty items such as runners and cushions.

The exhibition hall was full from one end to the other including the stage. The exhibition was styled with lovely vignettes echoing the style of quilts in that section such as Retro, Christmas, Landscapes, Flower Power, and more. A large walhanging with an orange VW Kombi van which had been pieced as a group project was highlighted with a picnic table complete with a Duraware dinner set and bright deckchairs. Vintage style pastel quilts had a Woman in the Home baking display with old recipe books, baking equipment, aprons and even some currants on the table and another had an Anzac theme complete with an army uniform and some vintage sewing machines. Continuing the Anzac theme there were wreaths of knitted poppies around the walls and in the foyer also. Beautiful baby and children quilts and wall hangings had a complimentary display of teddies, dolls and a lovely old cane pram.

Not all quilts are squares and triangles these days and dragons, birds, lizards, abstract shapes, teddies, houses, cars, trees and so many more themes featured in the large array of items. Techniques included piecing by hand and machine, applique, textured stitching, freehand quilting, and collage. Embellishment using hand embroidery, beads and sequins and some painted accents gave many of the quilts the finishing touch.

A side room held merchant stalls, and a Trash and Treasure stall run by the quilting group to sell their own members items. There were a couple of books and a piece of fabric I just had to have. There was also a café complete with tables covered with gingham tablecloths. Tea and coffee were on offer as well as a large choice of home baking. This meant people could stay longer and go around the exhibition again after some refreshments and take shelter from the horrible weather outside. Winter had come to Matamata but the lovely bright colours and entertaining exhibition kept everyone warm inside.

Diane Hume-Green. Among her many interests and talents Diane has an extensive repertoire of fibre, fashion and stitch craft skills.


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