Antimatter 2015 – Upcycled, Recycled and Totally cool


11034469_919800508064045_2107980908590203009_oAntimatter – the word itself may evoke fantastical images of off-planet, other worldly, quantum objects, travelling through space at unfathomable speeds and distances.

However this was not the case @ The Antimatter exhibition @ The Incubator, which had it’s opening last Friday. The art on display was the exact opposite actually, where artists used forgotten terrestrial junk, and reimagined it as beautiful pieces of art, some of which carried environmental messages, some carried philosophical ones. All of the pieces however created a beautiful aesthetic whole.

In the midst of the whole slew of recent initiatives, to do with sustainability and environment, such as the envirofest, The Nashi festival, the TPPA protests along with a few others, this exhibition is a nice icing on that cake.

The opening, like every other opening I have been to at the incubator was a relaxed, classy event, attended by many, including a lot of the artists that had pieces up there. There were a whole variety of nibbles and munchies as well as refreshments that were available. Along with some awesome conversations I had about art and other things with the people that were present.

The highlight of the evening though ofcourse was all the beautiful pieces of artwork, each unique in their own way,

Here are some of my personal favourites…



A piece by Suzanne Smith

A family of recycled creations which were made from a range of tools once owned by her father … these dolls reminded me of toys that one may find, in the room of a steampunk era child. The detail in these dolls was amazing, and really took a closer look to see the work that had gone into it.




A piece by Harley Moore.

It was one of the larger pieces, created from scrap aluminium. And stood in the middle of the exhibition. It definitely stood out to me, as it made me think of ‘stagnant’ life, which had been captured in form. And the strange lighting and weird reflections it gave off, even though the majestic deer had no eyes…there was still something ‘alive’ about it.


905976_919800968063999_3144303830909662129_oO ROMEO, O ROMEO! WHERE FORE ART THOUGH ROMEO?

A piece by Karen Francis Lawson

Created using teabags, a 1893 Romeo and Juliet playbook, a music sheet and page from the Coronation book of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (Duchess of York), skeleton leaves from Yatton Park and crochet cotton …

This piece stood out to me because of the sheer collage of the elements that were involved, it seemed to me like a rusted victorian-era windchime, trying to hang on it’s past glory.

10505115_919801028063993_7502463932392888373_oZOMBIE GIRL

A piece by Vanessa Locke

Made from recycled gib, crushed bones, old paint and recycled human … Not exactly sure why this one was so striking. Perhaps it had to do with the colours, or the way that the image was textured on the canvas.



A piece by Jannine Bishop

Crafted using wire, hessian, caution tape and leather with a vintage breathing filter apparatus… This one was one of the more simple pieces, but its message was strong, and the symbolism was well placed, taking on the theme of what we eat, complete with the gas mask, to highlight the practices of meat factories.




These are only a few of the pieces on display…the exhibition is still going on for another week. So get down to The Incubator and check it out, and see what local artists have created from Antimatter!

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