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If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes them”     — John F. Kennedy

I can hear the clouds roar on the motorway. I can see the trains humming on the railroad, I can taste the caffeine and alcohol and the blood, as the artist gives up their last breath of sanity and clamour at their canvas, their microphones, their keyboard, their guitar, their computer…

And I have found a way to write grateful applause for these triumphant souls that dared to explore and push the boundaries of art that aren’t even recognized. Those who dared to explore the 25th century. All the while we could only dwell in the 21st. Who dared to live within their fantasies, while we lived inside the screens.

Hence my goal with ARTbop alternative is to pay homage to those artists who have been working between the cracks, the cracks that are apparent between the systems, the cracks that lie between what we consider accepted creativity… I want to pay homage to those who have been paving the way for alternative generations. But are not even considered for their efforts.

With ARTbop alternative I want to bring together and highlight different sub-cultures, which will make the overall culture of this town even that much more diverse.

So if you think that this represents you. And you would like to contribute to this section of ARTbop don’t be shy, don’t be coy, and let your art fly high…Because the cool thing about this section is that it can encompass so many different disciplines. alternative music, film, poetry, visual art, performance, dance, knitting…You name it. Hence we need contributors from all different disciplines as well. So we can have an informed discussion about the art and the artist.

ARTbop is planning to launch ARTbop alternative as part of the February 2015 online edition of ARTbop. I will be holding an initial meeting towards the end of October 2014 and when you contact me I will let you know the date, time and place it will be held.

Please contact me via email or phone if you would like to be a part of the ARTbop team as a contributor to ARTbop alternative!



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