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The “holiday season” will be here in a blink. It’s time to think about getting a stockpile of fiction and non-fiction for you and your visitors to read while relaxing – it doesn’t all have to be iPad, text and television.

Make sure you note book return dates and don’t leave the most expensive book you’ve ever taken out of your local library under a holiday home bed or under the cushion of your friends’ settee. And check the holiday season opening hours. If you’re a bookaholic there is nothing more depressing than reading all your stash and arriving outside an unopening library door.

These are some recent reads from the Tauranga City Library and remember if you would like to become an ARTbop book reviewer, either regularly or occasionally, email me at or telephone 07 571 8722. And have a book filled Christmas.


Ed O’Loughlin, published by Quercus, Great Britain, 2011

I’d like to think this is satire but I’m not sure it isn’t absolute reality.

“From underneath the helmet, worried eyes considered the fruit trees,

three hundred metres away across the track churned dirt of the free-fire

zone. Then they turned to look at the Rorschach blot of blood and

crushed bone and offal which glistened on the otherwise unmarked

surface of the wall.Beneath this viscous stain, mirroring it, was a crater

full of gore and pulverised tissue, marking the spot where the donkey

had dematerialized. It looked as if someone had folded the wall and the

ground together, pressing the donkey between them like an insect in a

book. Flies were buzzing loudly. There was a churning stench of blood

and stomach contents, burnt meat and half-burnt chemicals.”

I’ll never look at the donkeys and washing machines in the same way again.

The brief author description says Ed O’Loughlin was born in Toronto and raised in Ireland. As a reporter he’s been in Africa for the Irish Times and others and was the Middle East Correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age (Melbourne).

Like other “fiction” I’ve read and reviewed about the Middle East; Springsteen says it “what once was black and white turns to many shades of grey..”

If you’re lying down, full of Christmas dinner have a look at The Guardian (UK) Friday 10th October 2014 – Shlomo Sand “I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew”.


Leonardo Padura, Bitter Lemon Press, UK 2009, reprinted 2010 (first published in Spanish as La neblina del ayer by Tusquets Editores, S.A., Barcelona, 2005) Translated from the Spanish by Peter Bush

I need to say that this Cuban story was so engaging that I read it all at once. I’m only reading the back cover comments now:-

“Havana Fever is many things: a suspenseful crime novel, a cruel family

saga an ode to the literature and music of Padura’s beloved, ravaged island.”

The word pictures of Havana and the people were enhanced for me by an earlier reading of a book of historic Cuban architecture. Grandeur and style slowly disintegrating. I’m not telling you anymore. Wanting a reason for a big, summer holiday reader’s rest. Get this book – you won’t move till you finish it.

FLORENCE BROADHURST Her Secret & Extraordinary Life

Helen O’Neill Chronicle Books LLC, USA, first published by Hardie Grant Books, Australia 2006

Her life reads like fiction. There are examples of the fabulous wallpaper and fabric designs throughout the book.

“I’m sure there would be no psychiatric wards if there was more art.

People who take LSD must be terribly bored.”

Florence Broadhurst, Australian Home Journal, February 1968

A contemporary Australian company has the rights to reproduce Broadhurst’s designs; the ultimate revenge against contemporary minimalism. Take a look online at the amazing wallpaper and fabric patterns and

Rosemary Balu


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