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JENNY ARGANTE, Freelance Editor has asked ARTbop to share information about Freelance’s Anthology Series with ARTbop readers


Freelance – Writers Helping Writers is currently open to submissions for the first two titles in the Freelance Anthology Series. The first of these, Home Affront, will be published in October 2015, the second, Popping the Cherry, in March 2016 by The Little Red Hen Community Press, Tauranga. You will find details of the publications over the page, online at or in any edition of Freelance.

Please note there is no author’s fee for any contribution, as the intention is to allow ‘ordinary folks’ to recount an experience that had significance for them and share it with the nation. All contributors will be fully acknowledged and able to buy a copy at cost. Any profits from the publication will be used to continue and hopefully expand this series.

The guidelines are as follows:

Yes, it’s true we would prefer entries sent as emails to, either within the body of the email or as a Word attachment (.doc or docx.) However, given the nature of this series and recognising that not all ‘ordinary folk’ own computers, we will accept entries by mail, typed or neatly handwritten to Freelance, Unit 76A, Vale Street, Otumoetai, Tauranga 3110.

Do not send your only copy. We will not return entries, so ensure you keep a copy for yourself.

By sending in your story, you agree to us publishing it without fee in the Freelance Anthology Series. Your contribution and this consent will entitle you to buy copies at cost.

We will acknowledge all contributions, but not necessarily within the books themselves. Given the nature of some of the topics chosen by Freelance subscribers, you might prefer to be known by your first name only or by a pseudonym. That’s OK. You know who you are – and so must we! So please be sure to add the following contact details to your submission.

Please note: we are asking for true stories – sometimes known as ‘human interest stories’ that will, hopefully, inform, educate or amuse readers. Think carefully about how to present that story to others and whether it fits with our concept of what the content should be.

We will edit stories that need it, but only lightly – mainly for GSP (Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation) and for clarity and flow. We want your voice to come through, and we are looking mainly for honest and thoughtful accounts.

We encourage you to contact our editor, Jenny Argante, if you have any further queries. We very much want this anthology series to be an outstanding and worthwhile success.

Introducing The Freelance Anthology Series

You are invited to submit your own story (first name only if you prefer) for two upcoming anthologies to be published by The Little Red Hen Community Press, as follows:

Home Affront: Women’s Experience of Domestic Invasion. [The Anthology Series. No. 1] Deadline for submissions 31st July for October 2015 publication.

Notes: This is a serious subject and we do intend to add recommendations from the New Zealand Police on making and keeping your home safe, plus advice from the Victim Support New Zealand. We are interested in the experience itself and how you recovered from it and what lessons you learned – not only about safety, but about your own resilience, and the help and comfort of others. Though this is women’s experience, and we expect mainly to hear from women writers, it is also interesting to hear accounts of how husbands, brothers and fathers felt.

Popping the Cherry: New Zealanders’ First Experience of Sex. [The Anthology Series. No. 2] Deadline for submissions 31st December for March 2016 publication.

Note: This is not intended to be explicit or pornographic, but the funny, wry or bitter-sweet remembrance of the very first time you had sex – how old you were, with whom, your reactions, their responses, any after-shocks, surprises or philosophical reflections on the process as a human rite of passage. No need to name yourself or your partner – focus on the experience itself, whether sadly disappointing or hugely pleasing, and what you might have learned from about human relationships.

The Little Red Hen Community Press

Want to know what’s coming next?

The Turning Point: Significant Moments that Led to Change . [The Anthology Series. No. 3] Deadline for submissions 31st July 2016 for October publication.

Formative Reading: Books that Influenced Thoughts & Lifestyle. [The Anthology Series. No. 4] Deadline for submissions 31st December 2016 for March 2017 publication.


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