Local Medical Centre embraces art: Birgitt Shannon at Katikati Medical Centre


A few weeks ago I was sitting in a waiting room at the Katikati Medical Centre when I notice an empty picture hook hanging on the wall. As I was heading back to reception I noticed a couple more. When I got to reception I asked if I could speak to the person in charge of what hangs on the walls. I explained I was an artist and had noticed the empty hooks.

A couple of minutes later I was introduced to Delwyn Keyworth the Practice Manager. I explained why I had asked to see her and she happily agreed to take a look at my website there and then. A little later Delwyn walked me around the centre and showed me where I could hang paintings. To my delight, she showed me walls in every waiting room and hallway in the centre and there was space for over a dozen works.

Birgitt and Delwyn of the Katikati Medical Centre

After all the paintings had been hung I asked Delwyn if she would mind writing a brief statement for this article and she kindly sent me the following:

“As part of a rural community it is an absolute privilege and pleasure that we are able to showcase one of our very own talented local artist’s works at our Health Centre.

Without being intrusive in an area which may at times be very stressful for people, the paintings have brought a vibrancy and freshness to our waiting areas.

There have been many positive comments made by patients, staff and visitors as they take great delight in viewing them.”



Thanks to Delwyn I now have eighteen paintings, that are for sale, hanging at the centre and am proof that a good way to get your art out there is to speak up. If you see an empty space on a wall anywhere that you think your art would look good hanging…ask. There is no harm in asking and is a great way to get your art out there.

Let’s get every blank wall out there covered in bright, colourful art.

The Katikati Medical Centre is located at 4 Clive Road, Katikati. You can also see my artwork hanging at The Landing Restaurant, Main Road, Katikati or at www.artbybirgitt.com

BIRGITT SHANNON Artist, Katikati An accomplished artist of Australian descent Birgitt has participated in solo and group exhibitions. She is part of the group of artists chosen the now famous Morrinsville Cows – a street art project. Her street art work can also been seen on the large planters outside the Katikati BNZ, part of the 2015 NZ Mural Competition and Arts Festival. Birgitt has sold dozens of paintings in Australia and New Zealand and has recently sold a painting now hanging in a Research Centre at The Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles. Birgitt’s work can be found on her website www.artbybirgitt.com and you can follow her facebook page at www.facebook.com/artbybirgittnz


And you can read Birgitt’s recent review of the opening of ULTRA MODERN UNIT at Macandmor Gallery, Downtown Tauranga http://artbop.co.nz/exhibition-opening-wow-facto-ultra-modern-unit-macandmor/

an unexpected and fun gallery opening



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