Mad Dogs and Stitchbirds were at The Incubator


ARTbop contributor Lee Switzer attended another gallery exhibition opening night; this time down at The Incubator in the Historic Village, Tauranga.

The Incubator  again carried out a dual opening event. The two exhibitions, Mad Dogs and an Englishman, and A Common Thread, in separate buildings continue the always popular variations in art components.

(L to R), The Incubator Founding Director Simone Anderson, Nick Eggleston, Linday Inglis, Jo Ann Ingram, Liz Wilson, Pauline Shilton, Vivian Keenan

For Opening Night, couches were brought outside for a fine introduction to the evening event. Food and drinks, meeting old friends (and younger ones) was followed by the unchained entry to the galleries. Guests.

Artist Elizabeth Grainger who has just concluded a solo exhibition, Visionary Art,  at Zeus Gallery, 35 Chapel St,

Mad Dogs and an Englishman. The Incubator Gallery

Nick Eggleston is a watercolourist, ceramicist and shoemaker After taking a shoe making course in Australia, the next phase was to find a proper sewing machine for making the hand constructed leather foot enclosures. As luck would have it, (it comes to those who look) the exact equipment he needed was for sale on a web site. Thus a new outlet began for this non stop creative, versatile artist.

Mad Dogs …Exhibition





The Morrigan.

Nick Eggleston discusses bats, dogs, leather, prints.

 See more Nick Eggleston art here.

A Common Thread.  The Peoples’ Gallery.

The Sttichbirds, include Linda Inglis, Jo Ann Ingram, Liz Wilson, Pauline Shilton, and Vivian Keenan. Their unity in thought is the ability to transform threads and other materials into unique designs

Constructions by Vivian Keenan.

Gallery visitors.

Linda Inglis. Linda Inglis might use blue indigo for some pieces. It could include wire as the backround ‘canvas.’ As she delves into a new project, she continually asks a questions: ‘ ‘Does it balance, where is the colour going, what else can I do?’

Harbour by Linda Inglis. One impressive weaving project is the Harbour. While sitting on the waterfront one day, she thought, ‘this could be a good scene to sew.’ The four sections, all framed within one frame reflects the watery waves as it sparkles from the sun balancing the dark with light. Another section has the pohutukawa on the side, the railway bridge, too, is woven. In parts of the scenes, Linda has taken two horizontal running threads in the backing, wrapped them with colours and then taken another two threads and wrapped with more colours.

Each wall is covered with colourful abstracted designs.

Shapes, dyed fabrics, manipulated materials

Lee Switzer  Text and images by Lee Switzer who is a regular contributor to ARTbop. You can find examples of Lee’s photography and images, poetry, short stories, event and exhibition reviews and book reviews in the ARTbop archives. Lee is also a long-time contributor to the archives of the  Tauranga kete managed by the Tauranga City Library.  You will enjoy Lee’s other recent contribution “From Dark to Light: Beyond Geyserland” Lee Switzer photographs and articles

The Incubator homepage.

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