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ARTbop Poetry Editor, Sam the Poet, introduces us to established local creative writer and poet, Marcel Currin. Sams says:-

I first met with Marcel at the monthly Incubator Poetry group at The Incubator. Marcel shared with us the background to his poetry writing, and read several poems for us to enjoy. Since this meeting we have seen each other several times, and we have discussed further his passion for writing, which includes his story featured in the newly released, Incubator organised and edited book Grim Tales (reworked Grimm’s fairy tales incorporating the real domestic violence experiences of local women).screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-1-23-41-pmdscf0210dscf0210dscf0210dscf0210

Marcel was kind enough to send a short biography of his writing background.

I have had my poetry published in various New Zealand anthologies. The nation’s NCEA students got to sweat over one of my poems in the 2010 English exam. And was the cheerful Friday columnist for Bay of Plenty Times for a few years. Currently I’m the author of Ministry of Ideas, the best little book of short stories you’ve almost read (available at Books a Plenty, Dry Dock café and as an e-book on the Kindle store)

I’ve selected two different poems about the same thing. Fallen from a silent galaxy was originally published in the journal Takahe. Land of giants was written as part of an artist/poet collaboration I did with Timo Rannali.”

Land of giants

Last of all we pay homage to the children

warm fruits tucked in their beds

where sleep’s thick potions have pickled them tender

mid-wrestle with blankets and teddy bears.

Scrunched, folded, spread in their pyjamas

fingers curled against the night

droplets of breath in the cavernous silence

these are the little sleeping giants.

Terrifying giants

swollen with upset.

Happy giants

chortling in secret corners of their kingdom.

Conquerors of chair legs

lords of dusty raisins

rickety-thumping through the house

they slam slow doors into mountain walls

hurl proclamations down hallways—

songs that bounce and spark in the air.

Hushed so, we almost lose our balance

in the giddy adventure

the drift of sleep

in the softness of little ones

fiercely recharging.

Fallen from a silent galaxy

He has landed on the quilt

a soft splat

sunken like a paperweight

anchoring the room

his face

a mushroom of sleep.

He is gripping the slow strings

of nightfall

over marshmallow hills

forests of upside down.

Where are you now

my little spaceman?

Quiescent star

brewing at the centre

of the bedroom’s orbit

he sails beneath my kiss

his cheek warm with the scent

of secret planets.

Marcel Currin’s website:

The Ministry of Ideas Marcel’s book of short stories can be purchased from Books a Plenty, Grey Street, Downtown Tauranga, Dry Dock café Wharf Street, Downtown Tauranga and as an e-book on the Kindle store

photo0637_001The Incubator Poetry Group meets every last Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the Incubator, the Historic Village,17th Avenue, Tauranga. Poets of any age and stage are welcome at this friendly and low-key gathering of local poets. You can contact Hella Bauer at for more information.

img_4180how-the-princessfoundhermotherCopies of Grim Tales can be purchased at Books a Plenty, Grey Street, Tauranga or from

(You can read a review of Grim Tales by ARTbop’s regular Reviewer Marcus Hobson in Hobson’s Choices

Photo0525Sam the poet. Sam is my pseudonym, a nickname I prefer to be called. I am the ARTbop Poetry Editor. I have joined the Tauranga Writers Inc group and regularly attend The Incubator at the Historic Village Poetry Group. I began writing a long time ago and have published my poetry online and in traditional book format.. I have just completed my third book of poetry and I am currently finalising a work of fiction. Since my twenties I have been interested in the teachings of Zen masters. . Since moving to Tauranga, I have found an extraordinary Buddhist teacher, Tarchin Hearn, and attend his group meditation and teachings

If you have original poetry you would like to contribute to the Poetry Section of ARTbop WORDS please forward it to for the attention of the Poety Editor Sam Woodward. We prefer the work is emailed in docx format We appreciate one or two jpg images (not enormous ones as they become an uploading issue for ARTbop) and a brief biographical author/poet statement.

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