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02-20160925_180029Howls of Hope is about my deep dismay and gloom about current events, some of which have been going on since forever, seemingly, in so many parts of the world, including our little Pacific islands, and the seeming inevitability of further darkness looming for so many.14379612_640098712817123_1889772143580221624_o

Consoling myself with positive outlooks and mantras appears not to change life for anyone except me. 14362646_640098709483790_74323757930837545_oI’ve come to the view that the holding of peaceful, positive mental scenarios in the face of devastation whether by war, famine, floods, hunger and oppression of so many and at every turn both involves little other than denial for myself, and actually adds to the distress of those legions of people in deep trouble. All the while I am sustained by the words of Margaret Mead so long ago to the effect that small groups of people taking action are the only means of positive change in the world, and have believed myself to be part of that group acting to help, one person at a time.14352111_640098612817133_5495481248302144434_o

Nevertheless, no matter how thorough my despair, there seems to be an irrepressible part of my mind that refuses NOT to hold out for the possibility, or rather, inevitability, of positive, lasting change towards peace and peace of mind for all. And it gets support from the ever increasing parade of young, and I mean really young ie under 20, people acting in courageous and determined ways on behalf other people, often people they do not directly know. The words “Howls of Hope” themselves were written by a young friend, who generously gave me permission to title this series with them.14324190_640098616150466_3672700221300867705_o

Sometimes all that is left to me is to howl, and to howl for and with hope. To NOT accept the status quo, to stand with those of the future, not the past, nor their current heirs, the now. I fervently hope they hear the insistent howls of hope rising around the world. I am sure I am not alone, and take heart from that.14291657_640098669483794_2931398411969808974_n

These are the first in the series, and formed  part of the Pop Up 3 day exhibition at The Monarch Room, Rotorua, which opened Friday 30th September 2016. Others are in the making.09-20160925_181206

Each bears visceral howls emanating from specific injustices and abominations on the planet / in our specific universe.08-20160925_181157

Measurements 440 x 440 and 760 x 760 on Belgian gesso’d linen, hand stretched canvas, unframed.07-20160925_181152

Materials : Bay of Plenty red ochre, Sumi Ink, acrylic04-20160925_180218

Miriam Ruberl    

Photo0718Miriam Ruberl is a mixed media, experimental artist currently living in Rotorua. She likes working with every day materials such as locally harvested red ochre, calico, waxes of various sorts, combining them in ways that surprise and remind people of days gone by. Her focus is on making increasingly authentic, personally generated nature-inspired art, to the neglect of illustrative, representational and derivative or “second-hand” art.

Miriam has exhibited extensively throughout the North Island, leads workshops from time to time, and is active in a variety of local activities. 14257523_10153776620287882_313595178571286310_oMiriam has exhibited in the Lakes Council Chamber Galleria. This space, while public, is neither your usual type of gallery nor a temporary space, and lends itself to her philosophy that modern-day artists can back and support their own efforts without relying purely on commercial or vanity galleries to get seen.

“There are a number of immensely talented, independent, full time artists in various mediums in the area, which provides me with a rich social and artistic life, as well as the inspirational environment of forests, lakes, and geothermal activity”, says Miriam.


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