Paradox Inside: going, going – will soon be gone!


The crowd-pulling exhibition of street art at the Tauranga Art Gallery, Paradox Inside, closes on the 15th of June – yes that’s next week. If you haven’t been along to have a look make sure you do. Many of the works are painted directly onto gallery wall space and (as with other exhibitions) once the exhibition closes – they’re gone.

Closing on 15th June to make way for the 10th Anniversary exhibition A Decade of Exceptional Art…

The outdoor street art trail Paradox Outside in downtown Tauranga will of course remain as will the earlier unrelated street art in that area and in downtown Mount Maunganui. (While you’re in the Bay you can also check out the original street art town – Katikati – Mural Town)

Paradox is an exhibition of major works created specifically for the show and a collection of what I’ll call “prints” – Oi YOU! the collection of George Shaw and Shannon Webster. The wall art has been done by both international and local artists. The print collection is primarily by international artists and of course a feature is the work of the elusive Banksy.

George Shaw  Oi You! and Paradox Inside at the Tauranga Art Gallery

Longtime archival photographer and ARTbop photographer Lee Switzer is responsible for the images which give you a flavour of the exhibition (and the local arts community) Lee also accompanied local author and interviewer Loretta Crawford to the Tauranga Art Gallery when she interviewed George Shaw (details below)

George Shaw in conversation with Loretta Crawford

There’s a virtual reality opportunity within Paradox Inside – it’s supervised by a team of volunteers. I’ve only done two sessions but it’s been wonderful to see people from everywhere coming in to have a look at the exhibition. I’ve met overseas tourists, New Zealanders resident overseas making sure family members don’t miss Paradox, locals on their own or with out-of-town friends and out-of-town visitors who’ve made a special and determined trip to Tauranga to view the works.

Don’t be deterred if you’ve never done virtual reality before – it won’t bite but it will change your life. It’s technology allowing us to be in an overseas warehouse gallery space. It only takes three minutes – just do it!

I’ve loved street art for a longtime now. I appreciate that not everyone regards the unannounced public decoration as “art” and yes I’d have to take a deep breath if I found my fence covered in tags. How would I feel if my fence was suddenly decorated by Banksy or the Williams’ tui appeared on my sitting room wall – I’d be selling tickets.

The stunning work of Charles and Janine Williams

I also love trains – long, snaking freight trains with carriage and container sides highly decorated passing in front of me. I’ve often wondered why we don’t have an annual competition to ensure these nationally important moving galleries are always “decorated”.

Make sure you allow yourself sufficient time to really appreciate the work – look into them – there is a booklet at the front counter and also accompanying statements with each work.

And when you’ve finished – well of course there’s Dry Dock just over the road or Little Long around the corner on Spring Street and a range of other cafes where you can sit and absorb what you’ve just seen along with cake and coffee.

The Tauranga Art Gallery has a small selection of prints, posters and lithographs for sale – a permanent reminder of a this exhibition.

Read Loretta Crawford’s article about Oi You!, George Shaw and Paradox Inside and see the images by Lee Switzer

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Here’s a selection of images by ARTbop photographer Lee Switzer from the opening of the Paradox Festival at the Tauranga Art Gallery March 2017

Mayor Greg Brownless opens the Festival


That fabulous tui and the event songbird…


The imposing work of Askew One


Some of the evening’s guests…


The distinctive exhibition heading..


Part of the Oi You! collection..


Parewhati Taikato, Jo Torr and Lena Kovacs of Tauranga’s arts community



The work of Jacob Yikes on the Atrium wall


George Shaw of Oi You! talks to the opening night crowd


Mary Dillon, Anne Pankhurst, Mary Stewart and guest


Murray Clode, Jannine Bishop and Rosemary Balu


Sofles on glass upstairs – an amazing art work…


Part of the Oi You! collection


Stan Gregec and Rosemary Balu – you can see more of the Williams work behind them




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More photos by Lee Switzer


Loretta Crawford Loretta is a writer, reviewer and arts enthusiast. Her first book The Horse & the Hurricane King is a story for primary school aged children on how to manage anger through breathing and meditation. You can follow Loretta on her Twitter page @clumsydolly or email



Don’t miss PARADOX Indoors at the Tauranga Art Gallery

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