Put Some Colour in Your Life is coming to the Bay


Leading Bay of Plenty Artist, Susan Harrison-Tustain has contacted ARTbop about forthcoming “Put Some Colour in Your Life” participation by six local artists:

Put Some Colour in Your Life

Six leading artists from our region are about to be filmed in their Bay of Plenty studios!

Susan Harrison-Tustain , Doreen McNeill, Timo Rannali, Nick Eggleston, Sue Dent and Rob McGregor will feature in six 24-minute Put Some Colour in Your Life episodes to be released later this year.

Producer, Graeme Stevenson will arrive in Bay of Plenty in early June to interview each of the artists in their studios. With brushes in hand each artist will chat with Graeme about their inspiration and creative journey – while an extensive gallery of their work will be presented throughout each episode.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to share what we do with a national and vast international audience Put Some Colour in Your Life is now being viewed on over 115 channels worldwide” says Susan Harrison-Tustain. “I love the laid-back, fun way Put Some Colour in Your Life is presented.. Each of these NZ episodes will begin with Graeme riding through our beautiful region on his Harley Davidson. Graeme arrives at a studio and sits casually as the artist paints – chatting informally so the viewer is able to watch the artists at work in their studios, as well as get some insight into all that inspires them and the things that have led to their successful careers in art.”

Put Some Colour in Your Life has gained huge recognition in many countries – to the point where it has been nominated for 2 Logie awards and is constantly being picked up by more and more channels worldwide.

As Susan Harrison-Tustain says ” I think it will really put New Zealand artists and our amazing region on the artistic map for a worldwide audience to enjoy.”


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