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SELL My Art is the new online NZ Art Gallery designed to be the easiest way to buy and sell New Zealand art online.

Businesswoman and artist Yvonne Lambert and online marketer Philip Brown, are the brains behind this new opportunity and have forwarded ARTbop this promotional article about their new business.

They have extensive business experience in the online space, most recently as successful owners of NZ’s largest corporate art leasing business. Here they saw an ever-increasing number of art sales to local and international customers through their integrated online art gallery. They also discovered that artists are not necessarily good at promoting and selling their work. After the sale of this business, they developed Sell My Art Online Gallery where every NZ artist can be represented in their own online gallery space, reach more customers and sell more art.

What’s in it for Artists ?

It’s an easy and inexpensive way to reach a wide national and international audience. It works for emerging and established artists. They can list themselves or get their dealer gallery to register.

Artists have the opportunity to list, sell and manage their own work online, and they will deal directly with the buyer by email. The money is paid directly from the buyer to the artist. In the online gallery they can sell their art for a fixed price or invite offers for their work. Another fantastic option is the availability to create your own online Gallery in the web site. Have 5 or more concurrent listings and become an online Gallery. Be found in the gallery search.

Success Fees are low and a listing lasts for up to 6 months – your choice.

There are so many options to choose from when listing: size, main colours, genre, style and so on. This fine mesh of detail makes it easier for the buyer to move through the site and find the artwork they want.

Special Offer to Artists:

We need lots of art online now to showcase to buyers so for a short period listings are free. You can LIST FOR FREE using a Coupon number. Email for the Coupon Number, include your contact details so you can list your art for free.

What’s in it for Art Buyers ?

Lots of great art in one place. It’s an easy site to navigate and lots of fun searching by Gallery, Artist, favourite colour, genre, size, colour and more. Whether you love painting, drawing, photography, prints, textiles, mixed media, outdoor art or sculpture it’s all there. And if you find something you just can’t go past you can buy directly from the artist or make them an offer.

As they say in the advert “Where have you been? — now we have the place to showcase your art to the world!!!!!”. Come and look at us. See you online at



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