ARTbopSHOW – Episode 5 – Author Deryn Pittar


When people ask me what I write I say that I write futuristic fiction, spiced with romance and adventure; and though currently I have three books published as e-books by Secret Cravings Publishing, with the fourth in the series ready to go, this is not all that I write. In my career I’ve published a 15K novella with Total-e-Bound, which is not Sci Fi and I’m a published poet.

I endeavour to put my poetry skills into all of my fiction writing, to enhance the word pictures I create. My most recent stories are set in the future to allow my imagination to run free, creating characters with unheard-of talents and over the years I’ve had the pleasure of watching science and technology catch up with my imagination. Along with my poetry and novels I write flash fiction, short stories, and have even dabbled with children’s poems and screen scripts. I just really enjoy writing!

Living in Papamoa, in the aptly named Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, a land of beautiful scenery, four million people and a number of hobbits the most useful thing I have learned during my journey into writing as a career, is that it is imperative to have critique partners, or people who are prepared to be “readers”. Another person’s point of view and critical eye can pick up typos, missed words, spelling mistakes, plot holes, time jumps and just plain muddled sentences, that you might have read a dozen times and missed. The more partners you can get the better. In return you will read and critique their work and this then teaches you to read your own work with a more critical eye. I am always happy to read another writer’s work and make suggestions, because all comments are surely just that – suggestions, allowing the writer the final decision on how they want their work to read.


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