The Flash Episode 20 – The Trap – REVIEW



Now this is what I’m talking about. This show is finally getting good. If you haven’t been following the first season of The Flash…Here’s a quick background…


The producers of Arrow, got together to get the first Flash series off the ground. It started off as cameos with Barry Allen showing up in Starling City, as an investigator and us actually seeing him hit by lightning on Arrow…Fans were excited for the possibility of a Flash spin-off.

Well this year we finally got it, and even I was skeptical at first, since Arrow is one thing, with the character having no actual superpowers, but the fastest man alive and a slew of super powered villains…Can’t be compared.

It had a slow start, but luckily its getting to the gist of the show now. The main storyline or thread that has been going on throughout the season is the showdown between The Flash and The Reverse Flash, the person responsible for the death of Barry’s mother.

Until a few episodes ago, the connection of Doctor Harrison Wells to the man in yellow, was unclear, and then we found out that Eobard Thawne, the reverse flash from the future, was unable to return to the future, after Barry’s mother’s death. Then used a process to change bodies with Harrison Wells to make sure that the particle accelerator that gave everyone superpowers was unleashed a little earlier.

This episode from all that the team had learned, was a defining one, as the true identity of Wells comes out in the open near the end of the episode. However, the way that they reached there was interesting. Starting back at the episode ‘Out Of Time’, which was a huge bummer for me, because Wells’ identity was revealed, and Barry’s love interest Iris, found out his real identity…..And then Flash time travelled back to the beginning of the episode, rendering everything that happened absolutely meaningless.

The-Flash-Trap-1However, this episode, they reached into Cisco’s dream, where Harrison Wells killed him in the previous timeline, so that the team can create the exact same scenario and trap wells into confessing to the murder of Barry’s mum and reveal that he is the reverse flash.


The trap failed however as Harrison Wells baited and switched, the villain from the previous episode (Everyman – Body Changer) as himself, and proceeded to make his presence known through the intercom…instead, announcing himself, in a theatrical fashion…

Near the very end it was also hinted that Iris had found out the flash’s real identity, a culmination of all the emotional subtext that was going on throughout the episode. After Barry looked into the future and saw that Iris was married to him. Which was a nice little touch amidst all the action.

Keen to see how the showdown plays out over the next couple of episodes, and whether or not the character of Gorilla Grodd, will be involved in anyway, as one of the Flash’s arch-nemesis from the comics.

Staying tuned for this one as well!


Archaeo Outdoor TableBy:
Dhaivat Mehta

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