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It was a family affair when ARTbop Film Reviewer Nick Scott went to see The Rose Maker.   Nick says:

This was in the French film festival and very well spoken of by critics.

The lead character,  played by a well known French actress, Catherine Frot, is a rose breeder who is failing to breed an award winning rose.

The start of the film has Eve the rose breeder as the victim whose well meaning secretary hires some cheap labour.  They’re three ex-cons, doing public service as part of their punishment.  They have no horticultural experience. The rose breeder needs to train these novices as fast as possible making use of one man’s criminal past.  This part of the film sees Eve move from being a victim to becoming a confident, scheming woman on the rise.

The film goes into the past of some ex-cons, and this is quite touching. The script is well written and expands the characters into people you can believe are real. Of course the fish-out of water perspective does make for some good, although not laugh-out-loud comedy You find yourself identifying with certain characters and cheering them on. In your head.

If you are a fan of gardening and know something about roses, this is ideal for you. I saw it with my mother – a keen gardener and usually one to find flaws in a film. This was one she really enjoyed.

Nick Scott Nick Scott has a B.A from The University of Waikato where he studied film under Sam Edwards. Nick has retained a keen interest in cinema. He studied Te Reo Maori at Te Wananga O Aotearoa part-time for 3 years and then from 2014 to 2016 Nick collaborated in writing “The Traveller’s guide to Maori Place Names”.  Nick is a regular Film Reviewer on ARTbop.  Nick has received occasional tickets from the wonderful Rialto Cinema in Downtown Tauranga!

Wikipedia says:   “Catherine Frot ([ka.tʁin fʁo]; born 1 May 1956) is a French actress.[1] A 10-time César Award nominee, she won the awards for Best Actress for Marguerite (2015) and Best Supporting Actress for Family Resemblances (1996). Her other films include Le Dîner de Cons (1998), La Dilettante (1999), and Haute Cuisine (2012). Frot was born in Paris, France, the daughter of an engineer and a mathematics teacher. Her younger sister, Dominique, is also an actress.[2] Catherine demonstrated comic talent at an early age, and enrolled in the Versailles conservatory when she was 14, and was still in school. In 1974, she began her education at the Rue Blanche [fr] school, and afterwards took up full-time studies at the conservatory.

In 1975, Frot appeared at the Festival d’Avignon with the Compagnie du Chapeau Rouge (Red Hat Company), which she founded with the help of others. From then on, Catherine put all her energy into theatre performances in roles such as the Présidente de Tourvel in the play Les Liaisons dangereuses in 1987. She performed in a number of classical plays such as La Cerisaie, directed by Peter Brook in 1982, and La Mouette directed by Pierre Pradinas in 1985.

In films, Frot won the César Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 1996, for playing Yolande, the sweet silly wife of a provincial bully, in Cédric Klapisch‘s Un air de famille, and was funny and moving as a wealthy, rebellious nuisance in La Dilettante (1999). In 7 ans de mariage, she played a prudish banker, wife, and mother, who is drawn by her bored, sexually frustrated husband into the world of Parisian clubs échangistes (“wife-swapping clubs”). She is an officer of the Ordre national du Mérite.[3]


Year Title Role Notes
1975 Les Charmes de l’été Béatrice TV mini-series
1975 Les Compagnons d’Eleusis The guardian TV series
1977 L’Enlèvement du régent – Le chevalier d’Harmental Bathilde Telefilm
1980 Mont-Oriol Charlotte Oriol Telefilm
1980 My American Uncle Young Arlette Le Gall  
1980 Psy Babette  
1980 La Ville Noire Tonine Telefilm
1981 Les Babas Cool Véronique  
1981 Mon meilleur Noël Claude’s aunt TV series
1981—1982 Cinéma 16 Nathalie / Juliette TV series
1982 La Cerisaie Donniacha Telefilm
1982 Guy de Maupassant Mouche  
1982 Egmont Claire / Klare Telefilm
1982 Si je réponds pas, c’est que je suis mort   Short film
1982 Les Atours de l’œil foudre   Short film
1982 La Nuit du lac   Short film
1983 A Stone in the Mouth Jacky  
1983 Orpheus Eurydice Telefilm
1984 Les Amis de monsieur Gazon Patricia Telefilm
1984 Les Timides aventures d’un laveur de carreaux Jacqueline Telefilm
1984 Jacques le fataliste et son maître Sophie Telefilm
1984 Du sel sur la peau Charlotte  
1985 Elsa, Elsa Juliette  
1985 Escalier C Béatrice Nominated—César Award for Best Supporting Actress
1985 Mélodie pour un cafard   Short film
1986 L’inconnue de Vienne Juliette Telefilm
1987 L’Heure Simenon Louise TV series
1987 Sorceress Cécile  
1987 La Voix du désert   Short film
1988 La Face de l’ogre Marion Telefilm
1989 Personne ne m’aime   Telefilm
1989 Chambre à part Babette  
1990 Tom et Lola Catherine (Tom’s mother)  
1990 Bienvenue à bord ! La blonde / Prostitute  
1990 Sésame, ouvre-toi!   Telefilm
1991 Haute tension Fabienne TV series
1991 Sushi Sushi The banker  
1992 Juste avant l’orage Irène  
1992 Vieille canaille Marylin  
1992 Les Cinq Dernières Minutes Jacqueline Cauvin TV series
1993 Vent d’est Martha Hubner  
1993 Ma petite Mimi Mimi Telefilm
1994 I Can’t Sleep Woman With Bookcase
(cameo appearance)
1994 Un été à l’envers Marie Telefilm
1994 Une femme dans l’ennui   Short film
1995 Sa dernière lettre Cécile Telefilm
1995 Cycle Simenon Anna TV series
1996 Family Resemblances Yolande César Award for Best Supporting Actress
1997 Un homme Gisèle Telefilm
1997 Quand j’étais p’tit Suzanne Telefilm
1997 Le Dernier Été Béatrice Bretty Telefilm
1997 Les Lauriers sont coupés Josy Telefilm
1998 Le Dîner de Cons Marlène Sasseur Nominated—César Award for Best Supporting Actress
1998 Paparazzi Evelyne Bordoni  
1998 Just Between Us Hélène  
1998 Dormez, je le veux ! Marie-Louise, the mother  
1998 Je vais t’apprendre la politesse The Baroness TV series
1998 It Would Only Take a Bridge   Short film
1999 À vot’service Fanny  
1999 The New Eve Isabelle  
1999 The Dilettante Pierrette Dumortier Best Actress Award (21st Moscow International Film Festival)[4]
Nominated—César Award for Best Actress
1999 Inséparables Gisèle  
1999 Dessine-moi un jouet Antoinette Bomme Telefilm
2001 Chaos Hélène Nominated—César Award for Best Actress
2001 Day Off Sophie  
2002 Cavale Jeanne Rivet  
2002 Après la vie  
2002 Un couple épatant  
2002 L’Enfant éternel Carole Telefilm
2003 Chouchou Nicole Milovavovich  
2003 Married for 7 Years Audrey  
2004 Eros Therapy Agnès  
2004 Viper in the Fist Paule “Folcoche” Rézeau  
2004 Les Sœurs fâchées Louise Mollet  
2005 Boudu Yseult Nominated – Globes de Cristal Award for Best Actress
2005 Mon petit doigt m’a dit… Prudence Beresford  
2006 The Page Turner Ariane Fouchécourt Nominated—César Award for Best Actress
2006 Le Passager de l’été Monique  
2007 Odette Toulemonde Odette Toulemonde Nominated—César Award for Best Actress
2007 L’Affaire Christian Ranucci : le Combat d’une mère Héloïse Ranucci Telefilm
2008 Mark of an Angel Elsa Valentin Nominated—Lumières Award for Best Actress
Nominated—Globes de Cristal Award for Best Actress
2008 Crime Is Our Business Prudence Beresford Nominated—César Award for Best Actress
2009 Le Vilain Maniette  
2009 Happy End Ombeline  
2010 Le Mystère Valérie  
2010 Imogène McCarthery Imogène  
2011 Fabienne Fabienne Bourrier  
2012 Bowling Catherine  
2012 Partners in Crime Prudence Beresford  
2012 Haute Cuisine Hortense Laborie Nominated—César Award for Best Actress
Nominated—Lumières Award for Best Actress
2015 Marguerite Marguerite Dumont César Award for Best Actress
Lumières Award for Best Actress
2016 La Tueuse caméléon    
2016 Heureux en France    
2017 The Midwife Claire  
2020 Home Front    
2020 The Rose Maker (La fine fleur) Eve


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