uPflash: Birgitt Shannon has Hamilton exhibition opening 14th September


Kati Kati artist Birgitt Shannon has an exhibition of her work opening tomorrow night in Hamilton.  

I think Birgitt has chosen a wonderful title for this exhibition.  It’s some years since I first met Birgitt and I have been privileged to see her talent and the style of her work grow and develop.  Not only a talented creative Birgitt gives her time to promote others in the local creative community through her contributions as an ARTbop video journalist, the principal organiser for ARTbop of the Affordable Art & Artisan Fair at the Black Sheep Bar & Grill Whakamarama.  And, today she tells me she was with fellow creatives at the new Carlton Gallery helping curate and hang the gallery’s first exhibition.

You can see more of Birgitt’s work in an article I wrote for ARTbop in July of this year:-  http://artbop.co.nz/birgitt-shannon-hardworking-kati-kati-artist/

Enjoy and if you can please get along to the exhibition at Swallow Gift Shop & Gallery 378 Grey Street, Hamilton East, Telephone 07 858 3964   Mon – Fri 9.30am – 4.30pm and 10am – 2pm Saturdays 

Here are Birgitt’s personal webpage, You Tube and contact details and her ARTbop contributor statement.

Birgitt Shannon:  Text and images and video journalism by Birgitt Shannon.   Kati Kati based artist Birgitt Shannon is a regular contributor to ARTbop.  Birgitt is also the principal Event Organiser of the Affordable Art & Artisan Fair at the Black Sheep Whakamarama – a collaborative community not for profit venture by ARTbop and the Black Sheep. Birgitt creates a monthly YouTube interview series with the Fair participants:  Art by Birgitt YouTube.  On her channel you’ll find images of her work, interviews with local creatives and projects Birgitt has been invited to be involved with.  You can also see Birgitt’s work online and at the AAAFair on the last Sunday of every month.

Website:   www.artbybirgitt.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/artbybirgitt/

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCZIASqJ6YdF5eElBpJJVxvQ/featured?view_as=subscriber

You can also find information about Birgitt on the Creative Bay of Plenty website. And, you can see her work and meet Birgitt at the monthly Affordable Art & Artisan Fair at the Black Sheep Whakamarama.

Birgitt with one of her favourite subjects.  On her You Tube channel you’ll find a series of videos of Birgitt creating images such as these.

Birgitt hard at work cutting additional stencils for the AAAFair road signs

You will also want to view and read the two most recent contributions by Birgitt – the new Waterford and Carlton Galleries   http://artbop.co.nz/new-gallery-opens-kati-kati/


the forthcoming exhibition by the respected New Zealand artist Eldred Wisdom   http://artbop.co.nz/respected-new-zealand-artist-exhibit-kati-kati/


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