uPflash: Funkadelic Monks & Lounge Apes at Totara Street


Funkadelic Monks are bringing the funk back to Tauranga. They are a ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ tribute act from Auckland touring to Tauranga’s Totara St on the 30th of September alongside ‘Lounge Apes’ with their powerful grungy tribute to ‘Nirvana’. Doors open at 8pm and tickets available on cosmicticketing.co.nz

Lounge Apes tribute band appearing 30th September 2017 Totara Street

Ties Coomber of Funkadelic Monks added “The Chilis have a really good vibe, and there’s a lot of nostalgia associated with their music these days.

Funkadelic Monks in tribute to The Red Hot Chili Peppers at Totara Street 30th September 2017

Hearing their music being played live seems to bring out the funky elements, which is awesome for people who like to get their groove on” Kiwi fans  will be treated with ‘Californication’, ‘Under the bridge’, ‘Can’t stop’ and many more memorable Chili tracks!

Nirvana disbanded at the height of their success following Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994. Twenty three years on their music is still relevant today and  still has an enormous following.” – according to singer/guitarist Erik Graham. ‘Lithium’, ‘Come as you are’, ‘Heart shaped box’ and of course ‘Smells like teen spirit’ and many more from all Nirvana’s studio albums will be performed on the night.

Both bands were formed in Auckland and have been performing to sold out venues since their inception in 2016.

What: Funkadelic Monks & Lounge Apes

Where: Totara St

When: Saturday, September 30th

Hey there ARTbop alternative readers- this promo piece and images for ARTbop were forwarded to us by the bands.  Welcome to the Bay of Plenty and have a great night at Totara Street guys!  


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