upFlash: opening tonight at Te Puna: Jacki Barklie


This exhibition is a culmination of Jacki’s research in the last three years of completing a Bachelor of Creative Industries, majoring in Visual Arts.

An image of Jacki from her 2017 Toi Ohomai exhibition, photo Lee Switzer

The Exhibition is largely underpinned by Adornment.
BODY ADORNMENT can signify the status of a person, for example, ornamentation, protection, modesty, political regime, sacred Kingship and the divine, right through to self-expression    This is called Semiotics, the language of fashion. The signifier becoming the signified through communication between humans into signs and their interpretations.

Components of Jacki’s art inspiration are in response to her exposure and colourful up bringing in Africa. She has a curiosity in the exploration of materials and methods in delivering her outcome. This diversity comes across as qualities of tension between the idea and the image, filled with emotion, expression and decorative pleasure.
Opening Night: Friday 26, from 6 pm
When: January 27 – 30, daily between 12 – 3 pm
Where: 15d Minden Road, Te Puna 
Further info: Check out their Facebook event
Text and image supplied by Lee Switzer
Lee Switzer: Lee is a regular contributor to ARTbop – photo essays, articles and poetry. Lee is multi-talented producing sought-after images of local artists and exhibitions. He has been an archival photographer around Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty for some years – the details of this body of work are below. You can find examples of Lee’s contributions in our ARTbop archives


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