White Lion – another cosmopolitan addition to Mount Maunganui’s main street shopping centre


White Lion is a new clothing boutique on Maunganui Road within the main street shopping precinct. So what? The what is it’s presentation and style. Using humble and/or recycled materials Denny and her partner Phil have produced a creative and visually interesting interior to display the beautiful clothing and items on sale.

Everything seems to be restored and recycled from the outdoor bench now gleaming in the window to the old metal factory lockers, wooden display crates and the wooden planking on the back walls. The garment racks have been created by Phil using galvanised piping (he’s making shelving for the store as well). It looks so good I ask if he’s thinking of making them for sale.

On the back wall there are two rough wood framed living plant art works. They’ve lined the containers themselves. They’ve made the terrariums themselves and created the window display of air bubble plants. Denny and Phil are quite candid that this has been shoestring retail décor and display. It may be but it works and looks elegant, cosmopolitan and appropriate.

And what’s on display for sale – beautiful clothing, jewellery, leather bags and gorgeous rainwear from recycled fabrics. I’d been in twice and they’d only been open a week!

For more information whitelionandco@gmail.com

Rosemary Balu


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