Tauranga bustles and bristles with things to do and things to see. The only problem is that often there are several “competing” events on the same date and/or on at the same time.


A friend mentioned to me how awkward it was that several women-focused events were recently held on the same date. That’s not always such a bad thing if events can leverage off each other, share advertising or if the bigger and well sponsored events can drag with them smaller community based efforts. But in reality it’s like parties – one or two are okay on the same day but usually there’s only so much cake you can eat.

We have suggested before that Tauranga establish at least a five-year out online event planner. Before we organise an event we could take a look to see what if anything else may be going ahead on that date and then we can avoid or leverage. Too far ahead – I don’t think so – yesterday someone mentioned to me an event planned for Tauranga for 2017. And don’t forget a significant number of overseas visitors have planned their “trip” years in advance.

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