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The advertisement offers free information about wallpaper hanging, current paint and curtain fabric trends. Our homes are the eyes into our souls. It’s not all Conran and Hoppen; it’s personal self expression where we feel comfortable to create and display – whether it’s clusters of family photographs, the art of our children, collections of teaspoons or cabinets of our unique family heirlooms.


Personal residential decoration is therefore the most basic form of artistic expression so off I go to Guthrie Bowron’s store on Cameron Road Tauranga. Rows of chairs with goodie bags have been set up among books of wall paper samples, pots of paint and displays of fabrics. To kill the winter chill there are two large gas heaters going. There’s a buffet with piles of hot and cold savouries, glasses of wine and fruit juice. I’m one of the first in this evening – yes I’ve been somewhere else earlier. People trickle then flow in. Men and women!

The evening starts with Natalie the wallpaper expert. Boy is she good and totally knows her stuff and presents it in an easy attention-getting manner. She’s quite happy to be interrupted by questions and they come and they come. Obviously this section of the evening is a popular one. Natalie’s followed by Arthur who runs through a visual paint trends promotion by Dulux.

The curtain and furnishing fabric trends section goes by in a blur – a real kaleidoscope of colour, pattern and texture. The second part of this section is about how to maximise the benefits from window coverings – sustainability issues and tips. Sounds boring – not at all – with the rising price of electricity and heating costs – the advice was worth hearing. Like – having curtains over around and above the window opening to cut heat loss; the importance of linings (and yes they still have bumf but it’s like the inside of a duvet now not the flannel blanket stuff of years ago). How to reduce curtain mildew – clean your windows twice a year with something like 30 seconds or Wet & Forget – apparently this kills the spores. We’re told to be careful spraying stuff directly on our curtains.

They had prizes – I won one!!! I sat next to another homeowner and in the short time of the evening learned some decorating tips from her. If Guthrie Bowron holds another one of these evenings see if you can get along there.

Rosemary Balu


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