Finding it hard to be torn away from amazing books?


If like me you’ve got this recent good weather telling you to get out and cut shelter belts, check trees and clear property rubbish you’ll be finding it hard to be torn away from the amazing books you can find in the Tauranga Libraries.

You may have seen the Bay of Plenty Times of Thursday July 17, 2014 and the comments of Tauranga City Libraries Manager, Jill Best. This past financial year while there has been a downturn in the number of actual hard copy books issued, there has been a 1,000 percent jump in the downloading of e books. Website traffic was up by 45,000 hits. Jill also noted that The Tauranga Memories Section website traffic had increased by 42,028 hits in the last year… attracting interest from all over the country and internationally. The accompanying image of one of the photographs in the recent Pukehinahina-Gate Pa Exhibition is another example of the potential of our libraries and an expanded role.

The Library is a hot bed of talent. Hardworking Tauranga City Librarian Debbie McCauley is also a children’s book author who has recently published “Motiti Blue and the Oil Spill” (see Environmental and Political Art Section)

Simon & Schuster Paperbacks USA, 2010
Well thumbed describes this book. Gene Weingarten is described as “a nationally syndicated humor columnist and writer for The Washington Post He is the only two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing…” I didn’t know that or what this was going to be about when I picked this book because of the lettering font used in the cover title. An explanation of the book’s content is conveniently covered by a Library bar code!

They are stories. Features previously published in the Washington Post. I’d been cutting a barberry paddock shelter hedge and needed a quiet sit down for half an hour. I picked this up and was entranced. This writer is gifted. Each piece is insightful and so far, inspiring. I couldn’t put it down and had read four of the small crafted works before I forced myself back outside. If you don’t like reading – read this. It will change your life!

KITCHEN CHINESE A Novel About Food, Family and Finding Yourself,
Ann Mah,
Avon Harper Collins USA, 2010
I read this “chick lit” novel in one go. It was like eating a chocolate bar and was good at the time. It gave me a look into the writer’s view of life for a young Chinese-American girl and young woman and also contemporary life in China from an inside-outsider’s perspective. I’d recommend this as a “nothing better to do” holiday read.

A FATAL THAW Dana Stabenow,
Head of Zeus Ltd, UK 2013
This is one of a long line of stories about an unusual woman criminal investigator “Kate Shugak” living in an Alaskan national park. I’ve read several of these crime stories. They’re incredibly easy to read and the Aleut background of Kate and the Alaskan environment add to the enjoyment and interest of the read. I’d recommend this series of books as great holiday reading – not to denigrate them but because they are absorbing and you won’t move until you’ve finished them!

150 BEST SUSTAINABLE HOUSE IDEAS Francesc Zamora Mola for Loft Publications,
Harper Design, New York 2013
An international selection of environmentally considerate and sustainable houses. A beautiful informative book. It’s also mind expanding to see the things that can be done and have been achieved. One or two New Zealand houses in there – not telling who and where – get this out and see for yourself!

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL QUICK CHANGES Fresh Looks for Every Room Edited by Barbara King,
Hearst Books New York 2013
I didn’t think this book was going to be as good as it is. It’s not the usual big size interior decorator-interior design tome – but it’s full of affordable and achievable ideas for enriching an environment. Because many international urban dwellers reside in considerably less space than is presently enjoyed in an average New Zealand home, some of the lifestyle and layout suggestions are particularly useful for potential apartment residers. There are also numerous interesting ways to display and enjoy art. I’m not sure I particularly want a cow’s hide as a table covering but that’s because I’ve met so many black and whites on calf club days. Other than that this little book is a treasure trove of the possible.

Rosemary Balu

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