Flux – Sitting room style


flux boutiqueIt’s suggested we meet at Flux Boutique & Espresso Bar and here we are. Its heavy, industrial style sliding door opens off a small gravel court behind the Zeus Gallery. I’ve been before and know the Flux style so I’m delighted to see spaces closely occupied by repurposed and repainted furnitures, new and vintage interior pieces, vintage bags and clothing and terrarium style plantings by Emma Walsh. Stock is nestled together not minimally displayed. Emma and partner Josh operate Flux and their respective black and white business cards state their areas of interest. The espresso bar runs along one wall. We get our takeaway drinks and then sit at a planked table amid the boutique. Conversations are interrupted as one of us gets up to look closer at something just noticed. Others come in and sit on the settee reading one of the piles of magazines. Next time you’re in mid-town Tauranga go to 106, 11th Avenue and look in at Flux – it’s like a small and charming brocante and family sitting room

Rosemary Balu





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