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ARTbop contributor Diane Hume-Green is a regular participant and guest at events and exhibitions around Tauranga. Diane shares her November 2014 Garden & Art Festival visits around Tauranga and Katikati in the Bay of Plenty and lets us know about Dubois Antiques.

The weather may have been a mixed bag during November 2014′ s Garden and Art Festival week but the variety of garden and art styles would have satisfied any of the ticket holders in lieu of a fine day.

We set off on the Monday in drizzly rain and you could tell the seasoned garden wanderers as they had suitable boots and shoes in their cars and a thermos and sandwich for sustenance. The food stops were a fair way apart at some of the country garden areas.

First stop in the Katikati area was Riva-Haven in Upland Road. The large kauri sculptures by Kerry Strongman sat well in the expansive garden. Some of the large carved heads looked as though they had always been there surrounded by large trees and misty rain. An expansive garden that would be a workout just getting from one end to the other tending to the garden beds.

Pahoia Road had a coastal country garden with a boatshed interior painted a vivid shade of blue to house the art exhibition by Julie Dainty. This was her first exhibition in New Zealand since Julie and her husband have returned here after living and working in Europe for many years. Her paintings of houses and flowers were true to the title of ‘European Melange’, both in the colours used and subject matter. Picturesque scenes in France and England, houses in Sweden, Greece and Germany as well as paintings of flowers and some still life scenes. Julie and her husband were great hosts and Julie’s handout stated that when looking at a subject, she attempts to capture the essence of what she sees rather than making a photographic record.

At Plummer’s Point, Stillwater Orchard has a garden that goes right down to the Te Puna estuary and during the festival featured two artists’ works. Mary Paton from Katikati had large sculptures of striking nikau palms and also smaller works of birds throughout the garden:

In the shelter of the verandah, Mandy Williams had her collection of gifts and artwork available. A selection of gift tags, calendars, notebooks, prints and originals as well as a work in progress. She showed me her latest artwork, a beautiful black swan with a gilded beak painted on plywood.. It was a large painting and would look amazing in a bedroom or living room. On her laptop she had placed the image of it in a fabulous room setting and some of her other paintings also had the same treatment. It was a great way to see how art would look in a home as part of the interior design, not just an add-on item.

Matatiki Orchard in Quarry Road had a delightful exhibition of dolls. There were dolls of every size, in antique and modern styles. Doll furniture and accessories featured also. Many people reminisced about dolls they had owned or family members had played with. Contact Pat MacMillan in Katikati, Ph 5490224 where she has a display of over 3000 dolls!

Next door at Jo and Keith Dawkins garden which we arrived at by walking from Matatiki Orchard through a linked path entitled the ‘upper fairway’. A lovely garden full whimsical figures, some made by Keith set among beds overflowing with trees, shrubs and beautiful flowers. I also spotted a pottery display under a pergola and beautiful glazed. bowls and pots displayed among the garden. I recognised the glazes and shapes, similar to a favourite pot of mine which I purchased many years ago. The Art Collective used to be upstairs at Mount Maunganui on the mainstreet and Timo Ranalli also exhibited from the same space. And yes the same potter who made my lovely pot, Murray Garner, was displaying his work in this garden. Tall and slender urns with a handle or round and bulbous pots, beautiful bowls and plates. The colours are beautifully rich and no two items are the same. They are elegant, timeless and suit many décor. Email:

At the lovely old homestead, Four Winds, in Otumoetai, we found stunning driftwood and totara sculptures by Chris Pointon. Birds mounted on slender poles suited this green and white toned garden. In the pool area a piece titled ‘Waterfall’ was inspired by the indentations in the piece of wood which looked like bubbles in water and he stained it blue to enhance the shape. Chris said he scours the beaches for the right piece of driftwood and takes 30 seconds to make his mind whether or not to pick it up. He also has to consider if he can carry it back to his vehicle.

In 17th Avenue at the home of Richard and Claire Clarke, Dave Roy had a fantastic display of both his art and also sculptures. Dave had his art in a room adjoining a patio and the artworks looked great in a furnished setting. Such a diversity of work made for an interesting visit and his collection of sculptures also looked amazing set in the multi levelled entertaining areas Hinuera stone, metal, wood and other materials were used for the sculptures.

Dave Roy can be contact at,nz

The best part of some of the gardens was seeing the artists’ work in settings that you could imagine in your own home and garden. It is such a different experience rather than going to an exhibition in a gallery and you are also able to talk directly to the artist as well.

Dubois Antiques had a viewing of their new shipment of antiques from France recently. The business is owned by Chris and Marja Wood who have family in the Loire Valley in France. They make regular trips to visit them and hand-pick items to bring back to New Zealand. At present they have their collection on their website:

The collection ranges from classical to art deco styles. Vases, clocks, china, crystal, lights, fabrics, furniture, sculptures and so much more. Items of beautiful quality and incredible workmanship right here in Tauranga.

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The 2014 Festival Booklet said: “Gardening is a form of autobiography and the gardens on our garden trail tell many a story and express many a personality in their huge variety of form, function, flamboyance and fantasy. This festival showcases the creativity of at least 100 gardeners who in their individual gardens or by group efforts have been part scientist, part artist, part philosopher and part ploughman. They all display perennial patience and a process of nurturing that has made the gardens ou will savour during the festival possible.

The garden trail starts at Katikati and wends and winds its way through country communities and local villages, through urban Tauranga, which has an exceptional diversity of gardens in this festival, and into the hills before covering the coast, taking in Te Puke and making it as far as Maketu.

More than fifty percent of the gardens on the Garden Trail are new to the festival, providing an excellent mix with former favourites back for another showing. If one theme is coming through it is that flowers are back in favour, but the overall impression will be to confirm yet again what gardeners have always known; no two gardens are the same and no two days are the same in one garden.”

“Gardening is landscape painting”

If you missed the 2014 biennial festival make sure you come to Tauranga for the 2016 festival. Keep an eye on


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