Helmet Heads and Easter Bunnies



I’m an infrequent visitor to the New World supermarket at Gate Pa, only because I live on the other side of our town.  When I’ve been in I’ve noticed they have on-going community and child focussed activities and promotions.  This time the walls are covered with an Easter themed colouring in – starting from 3-5years and upwards. They are everything – bright, subdued, tidy, scrawly, messy and perfectly done.  Good on you New World encouraging talent and creativity and supporting your communities.

Often when I’m running into the Tauranga City Library on behalf of ARTbop Words I’m stopped in my tracks by the window displays.   This time its the walls and window sides covered with unique helmet designs.  I know they were designed with a prize in mind (and the winners’ designs are shown on helmets) but all the children who created these designs and patterns are our next generation of winning creatives.  Congratulations – I loved the designs and the window display.

Both of these projects reinforce that art is everywhere for everyone all the time.  We may not know it but it’s there and we are benefitting from it.   Who knows when one of these young designers and colourists will be entering the Molly Morpeth Canaday?



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