cnzlogoIt doesn’t seem like much money considering the wide range of events and groups around the place and most CCS grants are less than $2,000. The workshop facilitator Becks Watts says that maximum any one applicant could expect would be $7,500. A panel and a selection process determines how and to whom the $40,000. for the Tauranga City Council area and $20,000 for the Western Bays is divied up.

There are two funding rounds one in February and the other in September. There’s a focus on youth and participation. Increasingly corporatised events most probably would no longer achieve funding from this source. (There is another grant category, Rapid Response, if you’ve had one of those, then you apparently don’t get one of the CCS grants. Becks goes through what you won’t get and what could be eligible. The printed information also contains this information. Next round closes on 29th August 2014. You can’t get funding for retrospective events etc.

Best advice of the workshop – talk with Becks about what you want to do and make sure you’re accurate with your information and you’ve covered all your bases. More information e. becks@creativetauranga.org.nz

Rosemary Balu


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