PORTRAITS OF SPRING: Art & Fashion combine at BAYFAIR


Portraits of Spring at Bayfair was a collaboration between artists, Creative Tauranga and Bayfair to showcase images of Spring.

Four artists painted their canvases at Bayfair with a coordinated display of fashions alongside. The three I saw were: Mandy Williams Spring Sunshine painting, Memphis’s Spring Surf painting and Kristian Lomath’s vision of Spring Vitality. The following day was to be Vanessa Locker –Spring Spruceup and then a public open art day with the theme of Blossoms. Great to see original art in different styles in a public space. The art will be auctioned off to help the local arts community.

During the school holidays children can also participate in the creation of a large mural of The Mount with guidance from an art teacher.

Lo and behold the next day waiting to go to Rialto Cinema there were two empty shops in Goddard’s Centre with fantastic display of artists work from The Incubator. Rich, inviting, interesting art in another non-traditional art display space. We need more of it in Tauranga. It gives a city colour, flavour and character and honours the creativity alive and well in our city


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