uPflash: Antimatter at the People’s Gallery and an art class at the Artery!


The sustainability focused exhibition Antimatter opened last night at The People’s Gallery in the Historic Village.  Curated by members of the Incubator team the exhibition by an increasing number of local artists focuses on this month’s sustainability and environmental awareness theme around the Bay of Plenty.   There’s one of my walk-around video looks at the exhibition further down the page.  Enjoy, but make an effort to visit it in person.

This exhibition is so “see worthy” for all ages.  If I tell you that it’s both thoughtful and delightful you’ll groan:  but it is.  Many of the pieces, which are for sale, are both individually witty and provocative.   Congratulations to second generation sculptor Charlie Clegg – I saw the red sticker!   And the hat covered with flowers:  that’s by talented Mum Kirsty Clegg.   I love the fabric brooches/badges – offbeat of course – created by Mrs Clegg (who sometimes tutors at the Incubator).    And wonderful to see Jackie Gray’s mosaic manequin!

The indomitable Wendy Pedersen, one of the Incubators “Committed” team makes sure I know to promote the art class tomorrow morning (Sunday 4th) at the Artery.  It’s associated with this exhibition.  It’s the first Sunday of the month so it will be the Historic Village Market.

Check out the Incubator’s site for more information.   https://www.theincubator.co.nz/

As usual the opening event was great fun.   An opportunity to talk with, hear about and enjoy the company of the creative community.   Thank you Incubator. 


Make an effort to see Antimatter at the People’s Gallery.   You can also pick up one of the green and yellow programmes with the environmental activities for the month of March around the Bay of Plenty.

More than interesting down at the People’s Gallery!

One of our “visible from Mars homemade signs”

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