Whopper : Miranda Parkes

Whopper by Christchurch artist Miranda Parkes.  PHOTO/SUPPLIED

Whopper by Christchurch artist Miranda Parkes. PHOTO/SUPPLIED

We overuse the Wow – but WOW is what has happened to the Tauranga Art Gallery Atrium.  Acid lime; hard stripes of red, orange and yellow juxtaposed against the huge canvas squishes of colour billowing out like circus coloured scrunchies.

I was in the Gallery Atrium when the painters were installing this vibrant work.  It’s a wonderful experience to observe exhibitions being changed and installed. There’s a buzz, a dynamism and a vitality – the real life and breath of the Gallery.

During the formal exhibition opening I get taken ’round the back’ of the enormous floor to ceiling canvas – multicoloured scrunched up balloons and crunches of material on a purpose built wooden frame.  There’s a huge brandy balloon of giant licorice allsorts in the gallery foyer – bright, hard, clear colours – that’s what this exhibition is about. Friends of the Gallery and Gallery staff have continued the theme dressing for the evening in vibrant colours.

In her comments Miranda Parkes thanks the technical team and the painters.  Resene donated the paint – thank you Resene.  This exhibition will appeal to all ages. It’s another example of the diversity and range of exhibitions being presented in our Gallery.  It’s also interesting to see again the community support – this exhibition is supported by the Venetta Miles Trust.  No doubt the number of exhibitions we are privileged to see would be greatly reduced without this support.  Gallery Trust Chairperson Phillida tells us that the Gallery is establishing a Foundation to support the Gallery and its initiatives and exhibitions.

I ask for comments:

“enjoying it because its a different thing for the Gallery to put on”

“lively clown character”

“love it, just love it”

“as soon as I came in really eyecatching, vibrant colours”

“lovely, very nice, always admired her work and it’s different – good”

“amazing, lifts the spirits”

“everyone who walks in smiles; joyful and exuberant”

“like it will bring the children; vibrant, bright licorice allsorts expression”

Whopper will be on display in the Atrium of the Tauranga Art Gallery until 15 June 2014.

There is a very comprehensive intereview with  the artist Miranda Parkes in artnews.co.nz  do take a look at this too!


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