shotgun tee

Jesse in his shotgun tee.  PHOTO/SUPPLIED

Jesse in his shotgun tee. PHOTO/SUPPLIED

He’s absolutely unmissable as he walks towards us.  It’s a black and white installation.  The working-class hero flatcap is black and all over covered with large silver studs.  There’s a black neckscarf tucked into what Jesse tells us is his white “shotgun tee”.  You got it .  They put the tee shirt on a bank and blast it with a shotgun.    The tee is tucked into pure white combat pants  which in turn are tucked into more than spit-clean black combat boots.  He’s well known to the friend I am with and we stand and chat about his Mum and his family: that’s when I find out about the shotgun tee.

We express our interest in art and design in every way and Jesse is expressing his through dress and style. His style is also an overt expression of our continuing belief in our democratic right to express ourselves.


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