Lest We Forget : David Roy


lestweforgetLest We Forget, an ANZAC themed exhibition by Tauranga Artist David Roy.  These works with their repetitive and simply identifiable Anzac icons, patterns and designs are displayed in the quiet, chapel-like Vault of the Tauranga Art Gallery.  They are beautifully crafted, emotionally stirring works and sculptures.

When I first look at the collages on the wall the wooden frames instantly remind me of coffins – they’re actually superbly restored and finished old cedar window frames referencing no doubt the endless times a wife, mother, daughter or child would look out hoping to see that “soldier boy” walking up the path to home.  Each work is named and has a brief explanation along side.  That may not be necessary for senior members of the community but it may be for more youthful viewers: and hopefully schools and tertiary facilities will encourage their students to come in and participate in this ANZAC experience.

The sculptures David Roy has crafted have meaning and significance in the context of the exhibition but are such simple and beautiful expressions they could individually stand alone as a work of art.

Please do take the time to participate in the experience that David Roy has created.  “Hoping to make a difference” – it never has and it never will and perhaps that is why this simple exhibition produces such an intense feeling of loss.


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