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Steve Chadwick is someone you’d always notice.  She stands out whether it’s talking to public meetings or just walking through the Government Gardens. 

Steve Chadwick seems to have had that sleek, silver fringe and large cartoon-worthy glasses for as long as I’ve been going over to Rotorua for tourism meetings.  In her distinctive, vibrant and often floral duster coats – she looks like an affluent rural woman up to town for the day. She’s a grandmother but this grandmother is seeking another term as the Mayor of perhaps New Zealand’s most important tourism destination.  

During the time Chadwick’s been Mayor I’ve seen a downtrodden, sad and shabby inner-Rotorua revitalised and transformed.  I’ve also met the Council Arts Advisor, artist and muralist, Marc Spijkerbosch who, in conjunction with the Rotorua Council’s development levy policy, has implemented a comprehensive public arts portfolio for the town and surrounds.

There is an interview with Chadwick published on the Rotorua Daily Post site.  We’re not sharing this for “political reasons” we’re sharing it on ARTbop because Chadwick’s another example of a highly successful, mature woman tearing to shreds that formerly required cloak of invisibility.  One of the aspects of this conversation and peek into Chadwick’s home was the personal preponderance of art throughout the house.    In one conversation I had with her she asked me “do you know my brother?”  (he’s an internationally known New Zealand artist I know of but don’t know). 

On the last occasion I met her,  Chadwick was walking through the fringe of the Government Gardens alone on her way to a Destination Rotorua tourism meeting.   No support staff.  No umbrella holder.  No security.   The black duster coat partly covers a yellow/orange blouse screaming sunshine and she’s wearing bright red shoes and matching lipstick.   

We were both early so we talked. Chadwick epitomises that personally warm, conversationally open, and deceptively engaging New Zealand politician.  I’ve found many local and central government politicians of my generation have the same “common touch” which makes Jacinda Ardern so appealing across the contemporary political spectrum.    I say Chadwick is “deceptively engaging” because her laid back social manner masks a superb level of professionalism and competency.   More than just being an outstandingly successful mature woman and public office holder – the woman is no slouch.

Of course, that manner’s  not confined to females – Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownless and Western Bay of Plenty Mayor Garry Webber while not as colourfully plumed as Chadwick, are both always incredibly approachable and “real.”  I wonder where else in the world would I be able to bounce up to Brownless at an Art Gallery event to share my distress at my just had conversation with a female street-sleeper* or sit for an afternoon with Webber and his wife Carole in a local cafe community issues meeting.

I hope you enjoy this insight into Rotorua’s Mayor Steve Chadwick.    It was undertaken by Gavin Ogden, Video Journalist Rotorua, New Zealand Herald Local Focus and was published in the Rotorua Daily Post online website  on the 20th April 2019 at 9.30am.  Click on the red-lettered link below to see and hear the conversation.

Chadwick wants 3rd term to finish what she started. Made with funding from NZ On Air.
While I was checking some Chadwick facts online I discovered that Tauranga-based Focus magazine also has an article about her in their April/May 2019 edition.   Here’s the link to the wonderful detail and image rich Focus article.
Focus Magazine is a Tauranga-based publication of Align Publishing. It was founded by Dee Collins.  It has both hard copy and online editions.   It is published two-monthly – you’ll enjoy it and find the hard copy in cafes etc around the Bay of Plenty.

*  With financial support from the Tauranga City Council, commercial interests and the wider community Tauranga now has a night shelter for women experiencing issues finding accommodation. You can sponsor a room in Awhina House for $4,000. a year.

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