ARCHITECTS at NZIFF: “The Lunchbox” at the Rialto Tauranga


Jacobsen’s Flooring hosted an Architects social evening at Rialto Cinema. The movie viewed was ‘The Lunchbox’, an Indian film by director Ritesh Batra – and Diane Hume-Green of  Scene About Town was there.

A really lovely movie with humour, a touch of sadness but the message I took was do we have a desire to change the life we have or maybe only imagine the life we might have.

The main characters, Ila and Saajan do not know each other and develop a relationship by notes that go backwards and forwards in a lunchbox that was wrongly delivered one day. Instead of going to Ila’s husband with wonderful food to spice up their failing relationship it goes to Saajan instead, a widower facing retirement. With only a few characters in the movie it is so well filmed and directed and the pauses in it are the moments we all should take to think about our next step in life.

Highly recommended.


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